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Kamagra Gold has a slightly milder effect than Viagra and its absorption time is longer as well – but its effect lasts for 8 hours, while Viagra is ’only’ effective for 3-4 hours. When looking at side effects, applying Kamagra Gold wins, as it has smoother side effect symptoms than Viagra.

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Kamagra Gold 20 pills x100mg (5 packs)40 €
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Kamagra Gold

Kamagra Gold is the second member of the family of Kamagra products. It has been developed from the first generation, old-style Kamagra 100mg, with the modification of the Sildenafil molecule’s structure – which ended up in the creation of Kamagra Gold 100mg pills.

This modification led to the birth of Kamagra Gold that causes far less side effects, while it has a moderately intensive efficiency. Sadly, the general opinion about potency enhancement drugs is that they are only for men with erection problems. But the truth is that even healthy men – those who do not have any potency disorders at all – can increase their sexual performance with products like Kamagra Gold.

You can order this potency enhancer product in excellent quality from our online pharmacy, with 2-4 days delivery, total discretion and money back guarantee – and all that to the lowest prices in Europe!

Studies done through many years showed that there is no risk of dependancy, even in case of healthy people. It does not cause any potency problems even if you stop taking the product after long-time application on a daily basis. It is maybe this important factor that made Kamagra potency boosters famous worldwide.

The effects of Kamagra Gold

Kamagra Gold starts taking effect 60-90 minutes after the intake. But once its slower absorption has been fulfilled, it has one of the most stabile potency enhancement effects. The effect of Kamagra Gold lasts about 8 hours long, but it has the stronges effect at the very beginning of that time, after 1.5 hours.

Gold is the one in this product line with the longest absorption time, but it has positive attributes when looking at side effects and the strength of the erection. Its erection enhancing mechanism works in a way that it intensifies the blood stream, and so it leads to more durable erection. As more intense blood streaming in the penis causes bigger congestion, the sponge tissue of the penis expands, and so you can experience occasional growth.

Gold affects the size only until the active agent of the product is working in the body, after that everything comes back down to the normal level of blood streaming.

How to apply Kamagra Gold

Kamagra Gold comes in form of tablets that have to be swallowed, and that reminds you with its green colour on a later Kamagra development, Kamagra Max. It should be swallowed with a little liquid 60-90 minutes prior to the sexual act. As its absorption time is longer, it is not perfect for spontaneous intimate situations, there are still many men for whom Kamagra Gold potency booster proved to be the best of all potency products they tried. It can be also recommended to take it every day, a dose of 50 mg every 24 hours. Absorption might be weakened by the consumption of lots of fatty meals, caffeine, alcohol or drugs.

The dosage of Kamagra Gold potency enhancer

There are 100 mg of active substance in a tablet of Kamagra Gold potency enhancer. In most of the cases half of the 100 mg, 50 mg are enough under a weight of 80 kg. The optimal amount differs from person to person. It is recommended to begin the application of Kamagra Gold with a smaller dose.

If the consumer is already aware of the effect he can expect from the product, then he is free to increase his Kamagra dose. The highest possible daily dose can be 100 mg.

The difference between Kamagra Gold potency enhancer and Viagra

Kamagra Gold and Viagra have the same active ingredient: Sildenafil. Though Ajanta has altered the molecule of Sildenafil during the development process of Gold, they basically work with the same mode of action, that is: they both increase the streaming of the congestion.

This potency enhancer has a slightly milder effect than Viagra and its absorption time is longer as well – but its effect lasts for 8 hours, while Viagra is ’only’ effective for 3-4 hours.

When looking at side effects, applying Kamagra Gold wins, as it has smoother side effect symptoms than Viagra.

The difference between Kamagra Max and Kamagra Gold potency enhancer

Kamagra Max and Gold tablets are perfect lookalikes from the outside, and that is not by chance. They are both perfectionized versions of Ajanta Pharma’s Kamagra prototype, and they have been launched in the tablet form on the market one after the other. As we know, there are gels, chewing tablets and effervescent tablets as well from the same product line. In order to outweigh the serious side effects of the first edition of Kamagra 100mg, the potency enhancer Kamagra Gold has been developed first, followed then by the gel, the chewing tablets and then Kamagra Max.

The most important difference between the two potency boosters is that Kamagra Max takes effect much quicker, in just 25-35 minutes and it is able to remain active in the body for 12-24 hours – that means that its half-life is bigger.

Kamagra Max is the further developed version of Kamagra Gold, that is why it is much more intense than Gold, a smaller amount of it is enoug (even 25mg), and it hardly has any side effects. Its efficiency is more stabile than that of Gold.

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Kamagra Gold

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