Three possible reasons for sexual disfunctions

Sexual disfunctions

A number of reasons can lead to potency disorders:

Psychological reasons

Potency disorders caused by psychological reasons affect not even 15 % of all patients. These numbers are confirmed by international figures as well. This condition can be caused by long-lasting organic reasons as well. It can come up independently from the partner, but can also be in relation with the partner. Generally, the person in question „works fine” at familier places, like at home, but in a new relationship, or in an unusual situation, it comes to a failure. But even the complete opposite is not rare at all.

Is there any of you who does not know stories about husbands who can only „do fine” with the wife who lives next door? It can even happen that someone has an attractive wife, but he still spends a lot of energy on changing his partners as often as possible – in many cases without any selection -, just to prove that he is doing fine, as he experienced disappointments at home.
In many cases it can be partly caused by the wife who is erotically impotent and perhaps thinks that sex is just an obligation of the marriage. Traumata suffered during the psychosexual development are also belonging to this category.

Hormonal reasons

One of these cases is the one, when there is a lack of male sexual hormone (testosterone), or the proportion of male and female sexual hormones gets uneven in favour of female sexual hormones. It is rare that patients like this come to speak to a doctor. Generally it turns out by chance that there is an illness – which might have the reason that potency disorders caused by hormonal reasons can lead to the complete lack of sexual desire, or the serious decline of it. As a consequence, these men do not have any sense of illness, which means that they do not perceive impotency as any kind of illness. Should we meet a patient like this, the balance can be restored via the rationing of the missing hormone or the stimulation of the specific organ that produces the missing hormone – all that only after the particular definition of the hormone level.

Side effects of medicaments

We live in an age of medicament consumption; people take unbelieveable amounts of pills. Just like any external factors that affect the body, medicaments have wanted and unwanted effects as well. Some very important medicaments can lead to potency disorders, if taken for a long period of time. Among them are tranquillizers, certain antiepileptic drugs, some blood pressure medications, and some medicaments that are used for the treatment of gastric ulcer.

Do not tax me with overstating the importance of potency disorder treatment above the cure of other illnesses, or with talking people into quitting their life-saving drugs. That’s not the case at all! But you must always consider the expected outcome and the possible damage. Some people take medication for a long time by courtesy or because of some smattering indications – medications that could be eventually left behind or could be replaced with something else.