Three possible reasons for sexual disfunctions

Sexual disfunctions

A number of reasons can lead to potency disorders:

Psychological reasons

Potency disorders caused by psychological reasons affect not even 15 % of all patients. These numbers are confirmed by international figures as well. This condition can be caused by long-lasting organic reasons as well. It can come up independently from the partner, but can also be in relation with the partner. Generally, the person in question „works fine” at familier places, like at home, but in a new relationship, or in an unusual situation, it comes to a failure. But even the complete opposite is not rare at all.

Is there any of you who does not know stories about husbands who can only „do fine” with the wife who lives next door? It can even happen that someone has an attractive wife, but he still spends a lot of energy on changing his partners as often as possible – in many cases without any selection -, just to prove that he is doing fine, as he experienced disappointments at home. In many cases it can be partly caused by the wife who is erotically impotent and perhaps thinks that sex is just an obligation of the marriage. Traumata suffered during the psychosexual development are also belonging to this category.

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